MULF Muhos Lifestyle Festival

A performance gallery set up in a staged home.

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Strong visual, word and sound art from organ music to electro, from the toilet to the garage and the terrace.

Programme 3.9.2021

17:00 The Gates open

The Garage: Marko Anttila’s street art
The Toilet: Päivi Pussila’s paintings
The Living Room: Anni Arffman’s installation
The Vestibule: Lauri Ahtinen’s visual art
The Study: Maiju Pohjanheimo’s photographs
The Mökötysmökki: Composer Sanna Ahvenjärvi’s and choreographer Joel Alalantela’s dance piece

MULF extra!

18:00–18:45 Tour by the River Oulujoki to see the River Fete art with regional architect Kirsti Reskalenko and artistic director Jenni Kinnunen maakunta-arkkitehti Kirsti Reskalenkon ja Jenni Kinnusen johdolla

The Terrace

19:00 Anne-Mari Kanniainen plays the accordion
19:30 Jenni Kinnunen & Joona Hiltunen perform a monologue
20:00 Laura Heikkilä & Emil Mahjneh perform opera

short pause for drinking, jumping and art

21:00 MNV Street Juniors dance group
21:05 Jaakko Rahko plays organ
21:20 DJ/VJ Skasi
22:00 Kas Kan

23:00 The Gates close

Muutokset mahdollisia.

Audience Guide

The festival takes place mainly outdoors between 5 and 11 pm. Only the performers are taken care of so please provide your own weatherproof outfit. There’s some rain shelter on the perimeter.

Bring your own Moomin mug for the drinks. No service to other mugs.

Sold kiosk items include Finnish sausage (veggie and non-veggie), maybe some chocolate cake and bisquits produced with local child labour. The kiosk only accepts cash.

If you drink beverages other than kiosk’s, you drink them from the same Moomin mug which was filled with coffee couple of minutes ago. BOB.

Arriving to the festival

Tuomaala artist recidence is located near the bus stops Hartikka E and Hartikka P. From Oulu you can arrive with Oulu public transport lines 40 and 41.

By car you can use the navigator, Google Maps and other map apps. There will be navigating signs and a parking lot.

Train + bike can also be an exotic experience.

Health and safety

We follow up-to-date health and safety regulations. Please wash your hands and use the hand desinfectant. There’s space for everyone. Please do not attend if you are feeling any symptoms.

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Part of the Night of the Arts Muhos. MULF is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


Artistic Director — Jenni Kinnunen

Artists — Lauri Ahtinen, Sanna Ahvenjärvi, Joel Alalantela, Marko Anttila, Anni Arffman, Laura Heikkilä, Joona Hiltunen, Anne-Mari Kanniainen, Emil Mahjneh, MNV Street Juniors & Siiri Kaukola, Johanna Pelkonen, Maiju Pohjanheimo, Pekka Pohjanheimo, Päivi Pussila ja Jaakko Rahko

Photographer — Maiju Pohjanheimo

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