The River Fete

A multiartistic project exploring the cultural heritage of water power plants in the River Oulu.

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The River Fete was a arts production in co-operation with Vesivoiman kulttuuriperintö – Vattenkrafts kulturarv (The Hydropower’s Cultural Heritage, VekuVaku) by the Council of Oulu Region together with the Swedish Norrbottens Museum. The Veku Vaku project shines a light on the hydropower plants along the Rivers Oulujoki and Lule Älv and their towns, as a cultural heritage and multifaceted resource. River Oulujoki’s origin is in Lake Oulujärvi and its watershed area covers a significant part of Kainuu region. It flows into the Bothnian Bay at Oulu. Port of Oulu is located at the mouth of the river. The River Fete took place in five different locations by the River Oulujoki in July 2021. The project includes both visual art close by the water power plants and audiovisual pieces. The themes for the artistic work was found from the memoirs of the inhabitants, and the River Fete was created around fishing, machines, crossing the river, log floating and dam.


  • Dramaturgy — Jenni Kinnunen
  • Sound Design — Joona Hiltunen & Aaron Hyrkäs, Johannes Rahko, Leevi Torenius, Totti Mäenpää, Olli Hallikainen
  • Visual Arts — Marko Anttila & Aada Rahko, Luna Laine, Mette Mäenpää, Amelie Rahko, Aino Tiitto, Iiris Huotari
  • Photographer & video — Tuomo Kangasmaa
  • Carpenter — Tuomo Rahko

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