Bold, multidisciplinary project about the era of reparation

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The time after WWII changed many things. In Finland it meant a heavy burden of reparation. The country needed desperately more energy and electricity, and huge building contracts started. One of them were the hydropower plants of the River Oulujoki. Total amount of 15 hydropower plants were build during the years of reconstruction. It meant also new residential areas for thousands of people. The entity around the River Oulujoki is qualified now as nationally important cultural environment.

From this point we made multidisciplinary pieces in November 2021 to municipalities of Muhos, Vaala and Utajärvi as a part of their light festivals. The works invated the audience to the atmosphere of the reparation era. Each work was made sitespecific entity. In 2023 the works were transferred to a gallery.

The exhibition was open in culture centre Valve in Oulu 20.1.–13.2.2023.

On the other hand we are studying the community’s memory, but also pondering the relationship between the nostalgia and the contemporary.


Dramaturgy — Jenni Kinnunen

Lights & Visuals — Jani Pitkänen

Sound Designer & Musician — Joona Hiltunen

Performance — Mari Kämäräinen

Street Art — Marko Anttila

Photographs — Maiju Pohjanheimo

Cinematography — Sami Mustonen

Composers — Sanna Ahvenjärvi & Tapio Lappalainen

Choir — Hohde-kuoro johtajanaan Tuomo Rahko

Producer — Laura Siitonen

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