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The Northern Opera Company


MULF Muhos Lifestyle Festival II

Muhos Lifestyle Festival returns!

The multi-art performance gallery built in a staged home confused the audience once again on September 2, 2022.

Organized for the second time, the festival offered visual and spoken art as well as music performances in the most mundane places. There was actually a dancer in the cleaning closet, a Norwegian dancer. And a youth disco in the garage. And wrinkled grannies in the greenhouse. In the living room, Northern Finland’s first, and perhaps also the last and only, opera film was shown.  It was also important to remember to take ones own Mooming mugs along.

Tickets: €10, free entry for everyone under 18
Garage disco: €2


5pm Gates open

5–11pm Marko Anttila: Constructing and Painting / Garage

9:00–10:45pm MULF Disco, entry €2

Päivi Pussila: Constructing a Forest / Study

Anni Arffman: Constructions (Heads) / Greenhouse

Maiju Pohjanheimo: Constructing Bodies / Restroom

Mari Bø: Constructing/Constricting Her / performances 5:30–7:00pm and 8:00–9:30pm / Cleaning closet

Julia Quante: Constructing Comfort / Living room

Jani Pitkänen: Construction Site / The House

The Terrace

7:00pm Tuomo Rahko: Starting Fanfare

7:01pm Antti Annola: Pieces from the future album Whirlpool

7:30pm Jaakko Rahko: Electric organ again

7:50pm  Annemari Moilanen & Laura Heikkilä: Half of the Liederkreis – Lake Oulujärvi Project

Snack, exercise and art exploration break

8:45pm  Tuomo Rahko & Jenni Kinnunen: De profundis / Outside grand piano

9:00pm  Pekka Pohjanheimo: Constuctions-live mapping / Carport

9:00–10:40pm MULF Disco / Garage

9:30–10:40pm Constructing Marriage / Living room

11:00pm Gates close


Artistic Director — Jenni Kinnunen

Artists — Lauri Ahtinen, Antti Annola, Marko Anttila, Anni Arffman, Mari Bø, Laura Heikkilä, Jenni Kinnunen, Annemari Moilanen, Jani Pitkänen, Maiju Pohjanheimo, Pekka Pohjanheimo, Päivi Pussila, Jaakko Rahko, Tuomo Rahko & Julia Quante

Photographer — Maiju Pohjanheimo

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