Human-nature (Faravid II)

What is part of a human and what part of nature?

Everyone went to nature in the spring.

The sister who never goes jogging, the granny with walking poles, the overfed dog and the mandatory campfire sausage. The hamster.

We wanted the outdoors to take away all the bad, let nature heal us and make us live longer. Trails were jammed and parks filled. One could forget about being human in the nature. Nature forgave us everything, even the things we did not ask for. Nature just existed, ignoring us.

Nature came to the rescue. Thank you nature.

People receive so much from their nature.


“What on earth? So we have to destroy societies, get rid off what is yours and mine and return to live in the woods among the bears?”

– Jean-Jacques Rousseau (2016/1782)
Tutkielma ihmisten välisen eriarvoisuuden alkuperästä ja perusteista.
Trans. Ville Keynäs, Laura Siitonen.
Tampere: Vastapaino. 121–122.



  • Dramaturgy – Jenni Kinnunen
  • Lighting Design – Jari Haavikko
  • Sound Design – Joona Hiltunen
  • Visual Artists – Päivi Pussila & Pia Hentunen
  • Photographs – Inkeri Jäntti