Constructing Marriage

An experimental opera film about a relationship

1) No-one is what they promise in the beginning of a relationship.
2) A relationship is all about accepting yourself and the other.
3) Dishonesty and false roles lead to conflict and misunderstandings.

The film studies the western heteronormative relationship, the catalog of romantic love and it’s representations. Constructing Marriage turns the structure of the original work up-side down: the comical intermission piece Pimpinone (1725) by G. P. Telemann takes the main part and G. F. Händel’s Tamerlano shrinks to interludes.

Thus: how to construct a marriage?

The Film has been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Oulun Valistustalorahasto, Niilo Helander Foundation, Otto A. Malm Donation Fund and Municipality of Muhos.


  • Vespetta — Emma Mustaniemi
  • Pimpinone — Emil Mahjneh
  • Director — Jenni Kinnunen
  • Music — Georg Telemann & Georg Händel
  • Répétiteur — Laura Heikkilä
  • Costume Designer — Johanna Pelkonen
  • Director of Photography — Vesa Ranta
  • Sound Engineer — Janne Huotari
  • Editor — Ellen-Maarit Juuso
  • Finnish subtitles — Laura Siitonen & Jenni Kinnunen